The Staff, who are we?

The staff of this cattery consists of Harro and Marian Vos.

We live in Tiel, the Netherlands, near the river the Waal and are since the beginning of time addicted to, and thus willing personnel for, the large number of cats that has enriched our lives in the past 30+ years.

Since a number of years we have been infected by the highly contagious Maine Coon-virus... and I don't think I need to add anything to that, except maybe that we hope we will never be cured ;)

After providing a homes for cats for many a year and at the same time trying to keep the cat population down,

(PEOPLE NEUTER YOUR CATS!!!!) we have changed our minds and decided to alter our course.

We wanted to do more to help this incredible breed of cats to stay happy and, foremost, stay healthy!

And so the cattery Fluff 'n Purrs' was born.

Here we breed, on a very small scale, healthy, happy, socially well balanced Maine Coons, who grow up in our living room as part of our family.

Of course we study the parents in detail to try and create the right matches to enhance the breed in a responsible way, all aimed at keeping the Maine Coon a healthy breed.

There for we test our cats through dna, x-ray and/or ultrasound against HCM, PKD, SMA, HD, PKD def, Fiv, FelV and patella luxation.

Did we pique your interest?

You can always contact us through email or a phone call. See our contact link (upcoming in the english version)

Have a look around, we wish you much viewing pleasure

Kind regards,

Marian & Harro Vos