It's not just young and upcoming that we share our house with.
A whole slew of the old guard is using our services to enjoy their well earned pension, whether they were pets or former breeding queens.
Truth is, we couldn’t do without them and hope to enjoy their company for as long as they enjoy being  here.


(Krioty Thalassa)

MCOn 22

7th November 2008


At the beginning of 2009, this young lady bounced into our life.. Yes she literally bounced, one fuzzy lump of energy, love and mischief, all without a mean bone in her little body.

That we found in her the new matriarch of our cattery was a done deal, no doubts, no hesitation.

Lucky for us both Danielle, who raised this beautiful fluff ball and Gregor, who played host to the dad, had enough faith in me to make it possible for us to live the dream with her and Thalassa gifted us with 11 wonderfull kittens over the years.

Now she is done, it’s time for her offspring to take over and for her to lie back and receive all the love and rest she so justly deserves.


(Fluff 'n Purr's Kerowyn)

MCO n 22

2nd May 2011


Kerowyn knew what she wanted from the moment she was born.

She was going to stay right here. She chose us and that was it, no room for further discussion.
My halfhearted arguments “ No, no we don’t need another queen” were totally ignored. Kero had decided and that was that. Of course she was totally right in her decision.
She has enriched our lives in so many ways, apart from the beautiful litter of kittens she gifted us, I can’t begin to explain.
She is and was a piece of our family that we didn’t know was missing.


Regretfully her 1 litter was her only litter, but then again, they were super kittens… of course!


(Fluff 'n Purrs' Yamanu)

MCO ns 09


8th January 2010


Manu, our big teddybear :)
She is from our very first Fluff ‘n Purrs’ litter and very rapidly had found a new home with one of our nieces. Unfortunately one of her new can openers turned out to have a sever allergic reaction and after struggling to find a medical solution for 3 years, Manu returned to home base.
So she is back and gracefully undergoes all the hugging and petting that comes her way, like she was never gone.


(Fluff 'n Purrs' Beldaran)

MCO n22


female/ neuter


She came and stole my heart, it really is that simple.

She arrived, was greeted with open arms and grew up to be an incredible beautiful, sweet girl and an outstanding mother to her kittens.

Every day with Belle is a highlight in our life <3

Leentje (Lane -thia)

(Fluff 'n Purrs' Selenay)

MCO n22
female neuter

2nd May 2011


We are not keeping another kitten out of this litter, we’re NOT.
Well, she is really sweet….. en our youngest loves her so much.. and she loves him…
Years later Leentje joined our youngest when he left to form his own household.
Things happend and Leentje returned to home base… where we missed her so much!
Welcome home sweetheart.

Siubhan (a.k.a Egglette)

(Fluff 'n Purrs' Siubhan)

december 18th 2014

MCO ns


What to tell you about Siubhan?

Let's start with the Egglette bit.... why in heavensname would you name your cat Egglette when she has a beautiful name like Siubhan (you pronounce it as Shufawn, it's Scottisch and they have their own way of spelling things sometimes ;) )

But anyway.. Egglette, it started as a joke... In the Netherlands, when you encounter someone who is just a really, really happy being, you tend to call them a "happy egg" (blij ei) and believe me, Siubhan is probably the image you see when you look up "Happy" in the dictionary.. that's how happy, fearless and just full of love and joy she is. So we started to call her Egg, then lil' Egg and it just grew into Egglette... and here she is, enjoying life as a retired queen, who gifted us with many beautiful kittens