Welcome on the site of Maine Coon cattery Fluff 'n Purrs'.

Here I hope to share some information about this beautiful breed of cats.

What does it take to care for them, where do they come from and I would also like to introduce you to the wealth of cats ruling our household.....because every one who lives with a cat knows, you are no more then the staff ;)

Life in Maine Coon cattery Fluff 'n Purrs is never dull; if it isn't time to cuddle, brush or give care in any other way, then there is always so much to learn.

It is sad to report that the dutch Maine Coon breed organisation :"Rasclub Maine Coon", who supported its members by providing loads of advice and service, who organizsd courses and who, every 3 months, delivered a beautiful magazine, is no more....

Thank heavens there still is the Swedish organisation Paw peds who works with volunteers from lots of different countries to gather information, which is saved in an incredible database (free for all to use!!), and to spread knowledge to whom ever wants to learn.

They know that cats do not come with an operating manual and are here to save the day :) 

After each course they give you a ribbon to confirm your participation.... the ribbons are links that lead you to the Paw Peds site. Chose your language and have a look :)