Once or twice a year we, as Fluff 'n Purrs' household prepare for the coming of new life.

This isn't something that just happens.... It involves a lot of research and detective work.

Is the combination we're thinking of a good one? How is the health of the parents? Are they both tested? How are the temperaments of the parents?

What can we expect from this combination?

The main goal of breeding is and always will be the prosperity and, if needed, enhancement of the breed.

These are the plans for the Spring / Summer 2024...
Let's see if Mother Nature agrees

Fluff 'n Purrs' Gaia


Armani van Miraco


Vul de dag, maand en het jaar in van de paring.
De bevallingskalender berekent dan de verwachte datum van de geboorte van de kittens.
Een poes is gemiddeld tussen de 63 en 70 dagen zwanger.

dag - maand - jaar--- - -

(gemiddeld 65 dagen) dagen

De kittens worden verwacht op