Gaia & Armani 2022

Gaia and Armani

became the proud parents of 4 precious kittens on November 23rd 2022

Fluff 'n Purrs' Gaia

Armani van Miraco

The kitten names are inspired by the magic that unfolded....

Fluff 'n Purrs' Mojo

Black smoke, male

MCO ns

Reserved for Anastasiya and Thybo

Fluff 'n Purrs' Magic

Black smoke, female

MCO ns

Reserved for Michaela & Arend

Fluff 'n Purrs' Karma

Black smoke, female

MCO ns

Reserved for Miranda and family

Fluff 'n Purrs' Juju

Solid blue, male

MCO as

Reserved for Stephanie and Joeri

Available        = I haven't found my forever home yet

Evaluation      = I might be staying here, but feel free to ask

Option           = Someone is interested, but you can always ask about me

Reserved        = My suitcase is packed, I'm ready to go on adventure!